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Tattoo color material production factory: color matching ratio and method of tattoo color material

by:Qinmei     2022-10-21

Tattoo pigment production factory: The color matching of tattoo eyebrows is one of the most basic entry skills of tattoo artists, which often tests the basic skills of a tattoo artist.——Aesthetic ability. Many tattoo artists who have not received professional training have no problem with eyebrow design and manual operation by machine, but color matching has become a big problem.

The eyebrow setting effect is related to the color. It should be chosen according to the color of the hair and skin. Oriental hair color tends to be a mixture of several shades, with a little dark grey and a little dark brown. Therefore, when tattooing eyebrows, the color should vary from person to person. Don't operate all customers with just one or two colors. The color used must match the color of the customer's hair, so that the fake can be confused with the real one.

1. The brow area has more rough eyebrows, and the color is darker. The khaki is tattooed with a transparent and hazy texture, which makes the thick black eyebrows appear soft and delicate.

2. Because the eyebrows are weak and sparse, it is necessary to use darker lines to create the same texture as the front area of ​​the eyebrows, so as to achieve the coordination of the overall eyebrows.

3. The eyebrow peak and eyebrow stem are the most parts of the eyebrows. It is only necessary to embroider a touch of fluff, so that the eyebrows and the brow tips have a harmonious connection.

4. People who like to wear heavy makeup can use darker colors.

5. People who don't make up often should tattoo their eyebrows with a light fluff color.

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