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tattoo coloring skills

by:Qinmei     2023-05-09

tattoo coloring skills

1. Block processing
When coloring the entire lip surface, the upper and lower lip surfaces are divided into four areas. Each area can be divided into 2-3 areas according to the number of eyebrow tattoo machine needles. The block pattern is good, and the next block is done after one block is patterned. Note: before making the next block, the liquid in the needle cap must be sucked out, and the coloring material must be re-stained to ensure the coloring effect.
Segmentation should be adopted when making lip line, that is, divide the lip line into several sections, and move the needle piece by piece. In case of material accumulation, avoid this place, and make up needles when doing the next coloring.
Two, layer by layer coloring method
Use the stretching of the needle cap to adjust the length of the needle when operating lip coloring. When doing the first coloring, the needle length is 1mm, when the second coloring is done, the needle is 1.5mm long, and when the third coloring is done, the needle is 2mm long. Note: When adjusting the needle, the needle must be adjusted under the condition of turning on the machine. When the needle is moved, the needle cap should be attached to the skin to ensure that the required needle length is all pierced into the skin, and the needle insertion angle is 90 degrees.
3. Wipe less and penetrate more
Do not scratch while wiping the lips when coloring the lips. After each coloring, keep the coloring material on the lips for 2-3 minutes, and then wipe it gently. Apply the coloring material after the entire lip is finished. it is wrong.
Four or five characters
Light: The operator should move lightly, the left hand should not pull the skin vigorously, and the right hand should not place too heavy a needle.
Soft: The needle movement is gentle, following the trend, with consistent strength, and keeping the needle at a vertical angle.
Fast: The needle movement should be fast and stable, and it should not be fast or slow.
Sticking: stick the needle cap on the skin, let the exposed needle grow all penetrate the skin, to ensure uniform coloring.
Dense: The needle movement route should be dense, no matter which needle movement method is used, the coloring effect must be uniform.

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