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Tattoo equipment wholesale factory: Who is suitable for machine line eyebrows?

by:Qinmei     2022-10-23

Machine-line eyebrows are a relatively natural eyebrow shape. Wild eyebrows pursue a real sense of naturalness. They do not deliberately describe the shape of the eyebrows, but do some trimming and filling according to each person's eyebrows. The essence of the machine eyebrow is to basically maintain the natural shape of the eyebrows. It is not as clear and stylish as the Korean one-word eyebrows, but it is not the messy groove in the original state. It is a messy feeling that has been carefully handled, and you can even see the original The roots of the eyebrows are distinct, they are handsome and natural, but they are also gentle and sweet.

Who is suitable for machine eyebrows?

1. Eyebrows with a red background and a blue background

These types of customers are very suitable for machine eyebrows. In fact, the scope of application of machine eyebrows is wider than that of manual eyebrows, and the texture is not the same. Although they are all lines, if you want the original feeling of hair, the relative expressiveness and overall flexibility of the machine are stronger than manual line eyebrows, because it can make different shades and different shades according to the matching we need and the change of eyebrow color level. The arcs, straight lines, intersections, etc. are free to float.

2. The contrast between the eyebrows is relatively large and the native hair is relatively strong

There is also a situation where the native hair and the hand-made lines are not connected. Because the lines made by hand are usually very slender, if the customer's native hair is thicker and the hair flu is stronger, then it is necessary to consider the three-dimensionality, which needs to be connected by chromaticity and thickness.

3. Brows that have been done many times, such as almost no eyebrows, eyebrow-raising surgery, scars on the eyebrows, and washing on the eyebrows. Do not recommend opening techniques. At this time, the skin lesions are small and there is no recovery period. The machine line eyebrow is a very good choice.

4. Mist eyebrow base color, want natural and original effect

Generally, a few years ago, I did hand-made mist eyebrows, and then left a faint mark with a slight undertone. They want to have the feeling of native hair, which can be combined to create a three-dimensional fluffy hair feeling. At this time, they can also consider a little bit of machine-line eyebrows. This wild hair feeling is very simulated. The capillaries are relatively tight and the skin is relatively oily and sensitive. This will affect the need to distinguish the depth.

The great advantages of machine line eyebrows are:

First, the skin lesions are small and the color matching is tailored to the individual

Second, it is suitable for most human physiques

Third, the lines of the machine eyebrows are more flexible and casual, and it can be adjusted according to the shape of the eyebrows made. It can realize any freedom of your imagination on the hair according to your bold creativity.

Fourth, machine eyebrows are more difficult to learn than manual lines. The overall shape and color rhythm combined with face design is a comprehensive consideration of aesthetics. It looks like a pair of eyebrows and needs to know a lot.

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