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Tattoo pigment manufacturers: how to choose tattoo pigments? How to distinguish the quality of tattoo eyebrow pigments?

by:Qinmei     2022-10-22

A good work requires not only a good tattoo artist, but also a good pigment. The pigment is the foundation of the work, and the quality of the pigment directly determines the success or failure of the tattoo work. With the continuous improvement of tattoo technology, there are many kinds of pigments on the market, but the quality is uneven. So how to choose a good tattoo pigment? Today, my teacher will talk to you about pigment.

1. Semi-permanent pigments can be divided into two categories in terms of properties:

1. Paste colorant

The first type of paste, that is, solid, has no fluidity.

Its characteristics are that the particles are relatively larger, and most of the paste pigments are vegetable oily paste pigments, which have strong covering power and are insoluble in water. The texture is thick and not volatile, and it is relatively stable. After entering the skin, it lasts for a long time.

The paste-like colorant is more suitable for line eyebrows. Due to the high concentration and strong adsorption, the color retention rate is increased, the coloring rate is increased, and the color is more realistic. reduce.

Identification method: The paste pigments are mostly water-insoluble pigments. First, it can be painted on paper and dried to see if it is in powder form. Second, it is insoluble in water. Embroiderers can apply a drop of color. When the material is dropped into a glass of water, the pigment will sink to the bottom of the water. You can also observe the saturation and particle size of the pigment with the naked eye, stir with a cotton swab, and observe whether the shape is uniform. Good pigment will not appear lumps of different sizes or lump.

2. Liquid pigment

The second type of liquid, as the name suggests, is liquid.

Features: The particles are small, the pigment is very thin, the permeability is strong, and there is no precipitation. Because of its thin texture, it metabolizes quickly, and it is more suitable for machine or manual eyebrow fogging operation.

However, it is not particularly suitable for line eyebrows. The filamentous lines are more easily absorbed and decomposed by the skin, especially oily skin, which is difficult to integrate and the coloring is not good.

Discrimination method: First, after being painted on the paper and dried, it shows fluorescence or drips on the paper, and the inclination angle makes it a good pigment without particle residues in the flow trace. Second, it will dissolve in water, drop a drop of pigment into a glass of water, and the glass of water will immediately change to the color of the pigment.

2. After understanding the basic knowledge of pigments, what problems do you need to pay attention to? The teacher will answer them one by one.

1. What factors are used to select pigments?

A: The following common factors can be summarized:

(1) Operation items: the color materials used for eyebrows, eyes and lips are different;

(2) Customer situation: people of different age groups, skin color, hair color, etc.;

(3) Different eyebrow shapes: fog eyebrows and line eyebrows will use different colors.

2. Do eyebrow tattoos have to be colored?

A: No, it needs to be judged according to the characteristics of the pigment and the technique of the tattoo artist. Some pigments can be used alone without color matching, such as black coffee, espresso, etc. can be used alone.

3. Can the pigment still be used after it has been opened for a few days?

A: First, remove the dry part on the top and see the state of the colorant underneath. If there is no change, you can continue to use it. Pigment drying is usually due to imperfect preservation. Therefore, tattooists must keep it in time after they use up the pigment.

4. Why do you always feel that the pigment is not colored?

A: There are many reasons for this. It may be the skin of the customer, the choice of pigment or the technique of the tattoo artist. Factors such as empty needles, operation strength, and needle insertion angle will affect the coloring effect.

Embroiderers can summarize the problem first, and then eliminate the root cause of the problem, so as to solve the problem of the pigment not being colored.

5. What are the consequences of using inferior pigments?

A: In pursuit of low cost, some small beauty salons choose some inferior pigments, which leads to changes in the color of the eyebrows after surgery, which brings certain harm to customers and damages their own reputation.

Responsibility to customers is to be responsible to yourself. Remember to be careful in the choice of pigment brands. Don't be greedy for cheap and choose Sanwu products!

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