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Tattoo pigment manufacturers wholesale agent OEM, hair regeneration, source factory

by:Qinmei     2022-08-20

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1. Semi-permanent tattoos use plant pigments, and old-fashioned tattoo pigments usually use industrial pigments. After years of baptism, the former can be naturally absorbed and metabolized by the body. After two or three years, you can recreate new styles based on current trends. The latter industrial pigments will last a lifetime. If you want to redo, you can only wash off the original eyebrows first, which will cause great damage to the skin and even leave scars.

2. Whether the coloring effect is ideal is related to the particle size of the colorant. The smaller the particles of pmu tattoo pigment, the easier it is to color. Colorants on smooth paper. If it exhibits a good gloss in light and the color is more pronounced, the particles are smaller, and the faster the colorant diffuses in clear water, the smaller the colorant particles.

3. The main reason for the color dizziness in the later operation is that the embroiderer uses too much force when operating the customer, bleeding when piercing the sebum membrane, excessive leakage of tissue fluid and the dizziness caused by the mixing of the pigment. This is mainly a technical issue and has nothing to do with the quality of pmu tattoo pigments.

4. The pigments used are all medical grade. Don't believe it if you've seen such propaganda. Since semi-permanent tattoos are not yet classified as medical aesthetics, they are still in the lifestyle beauty category, so you must be extra careful when using medical grade colorants on your head.

5 Whether the color retention rate is high. The main factor that affects this problem is the uneven strength of the tattoo artist during the operation. Failure to control the intensity may result in excessive exudation of tissue fluid, and changes in tissue fluid will further affect the final result. When the tissue fluid flows out, it will take away the pigment in the skin, and the tissue fluid will accumulate on the surface of the skin, causing the scab to be too heavy.
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