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Tattoo pigment OEM: How long can the semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo last? Can the semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo be removed?

by:Qinmei     2022-10-31

How long can semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos last?

Semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing usually lasts about 3 years. Of course, it will vary according to individual circumstances. Semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing is to implant natural pigments into the skin surface 0.1-0.2mm position through a unique instrument, so that the skin is colored, so as to play a long-term fixed role. Eyebrow tattoos are natural plant pigments, and they are on the surface of the skin, so the semi-permanent characteristics are obvious and will gradually fade with the metabolism of the skin. Complementary color, so that the effect can be more lasting, we must pay attention to the care after the operation.

Can semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos be removed?

Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos will fade on their own, you can also choose laser eyebrow washing to fade, because it is faster, and it usually takes 2-3 years to fade naturally. If the coloring is poor, it can fade in a year and a half, and if the coloring is good, it will take longer. After semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing, attention should be paid to care. If inflammation occurs due to improper care, appropriate methods should be taken to save it.

What to pay attention to after semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo

Day 1: After the eyebrow tattoo, the color will be slightly heavier, and then the color will gradually deepen and become darker.

Day 2: Eyebrows look thick, which is normal, no need to worry, avoid cleanser and water touching your brows.

Days 3-4: The eyebrows have begun to scab, and it may feel slightly itchy, but be careful not to scratch, rub or rub with your hands.

Day 5: The eyebrows will start to fall off scabs at this time. At this time, many MM can't bear it anymore. Obsessive-compulsive disorder begins. The eyebrows are itchy, the hands are itchy, and the scabs start to peel! Let the scab fall off naturally!

Day 6: The scab begins to fall off in a large area, don't touch the water, don't tear it, relax your mind, don't worry, the eyebrows at this time are a bit ugly! Haha!

Day 7: The brow scab is basically completed, and the line color will gradually appear!

Eyebrow Inflammation Emergency Method

1. Eye ointment can be used to reduce inflammation of eyebrows

In case of inflammation after semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing, semi-permanent eye ointment can be used. Apply three times a day to the inflamed eyebrows. Note that when applying chlortetracycline eye ointment, you must use a cotton swab. You cannot apply it directly by hand, because there are many bacteria on your hands. , Direct contact with the inflamed eyebrows will aggravate the inflammation of the tattooed eyebrows.

2. Anti-inflammatory drugs can be used for eyebrow inflammation

If the semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo is inflamed, you can take anti-inflammatory drugs to help eliminate the inflammation in the inflamed area of ​​the eyebrows. In addition, if the inflammation is severe, you should seek medical attention in time and take the anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by the doctor.

3. Brow inflammation can be relieved with ice packs

In the case of semi-permanent eyebrow hair inflammation, if it is particularly uncomfortable, you can use an ice pack before going to the hospital for treatment, because cold compress has the ability to shrink capillaries, which can relieve allergy and inflammation symptoms to a certain extent.

Note: Use a medical ice pack or an iced towel for cold compresses. In order to prevent the wound from getting water, it is best to wrap the ice pack or ice towel with a clean fresh-keeping bag in advance. Ice packs are only to relieve temporary discomfort. In severe cases, go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment by a professional doctor.

4, eyebrow inflammation can be wiped with saline

If the eyebrows are inflamed after tattooing, and the eyebrows have scabbed and fallen, you can wipe the eyebrows with salt water to clean the eyebrows. Because the osmotic pressure of salt water is large, the bacteria can be dehydrated and killed, so wiping the eyebrows with salt water can relieve the symptoms of semi-permanent brow inflammation to a certain extent.

5. Spicy and irritating foods are taboo for eyebrow inflammation

Inflammation after semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing requires a light diet. Do not eat spicy food, because spicy food will aggravate the inflammation of tattooed eyebrows.

6, eyebrow hair inflammation avoid touching water

In case of inflammation after eyebrow tattooing, remember not to let the eyebrows touch the water. Because touching the water after tattooing the eyebrows will aggravate the inflammation of the eyebrows, which is not conducive to the recovery of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing.

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