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Tattoo pigment processing manufacturers: how to choose tattoo pigments? What are the reference conditions?

by:Qinmei     2022-10-30
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If you want to make a good work, the tattoo artist will think that the technique is the most important, and the quality of the work depends 80% on the technique of the tattoo artist. If you don't choose the right colorant and the quality of the colorant is not good, it will directly affect the performance of the technology and the effect of the work.

How to choose tattoo and embroidery pigments? What are the reference conditions? The editor has compiled several common reference conditions for everyone.

Reference condition 1: Small graininess

Good pigment particles are small and delicate, and the color will be more uniform after wiping. If you use this colorant to operate the lines, the lines will generally have no breakpoints or unevenness, and the delicate feeling is obvious.

Reference condition 2: wire drawing state

Drop the colorant in the palm of your hand, and then rub the colorant with your fingers, the good colorant will appear in a brushed state, the ductility and coverage will be relatively good, and the color retention will be ideal in the later stage.

Reference condition 3: fast coloring

In the real-life practice, when the technique is correct, fast coloring is an important performance of high-quality pigments, and no discoloration in the later stage is also a good performance of pigments.

Bad pigments use bad raw materials, large particles, macromolecules, difficult to absorb, and will turn blue later. It is recommended that you use plant-based colorants such as Famiso Extravagant Color Cream, which extracts plant essences, small particles, easy to color, natural coloring, and ideal color retention in the later stage.

The editor has sorted out the above 3 reference conditions as the conditions for purchasing pigments. Embroiderers can choose the pigment brand from the qualifications of the manufacturer, the reputation of the brand, the outer packaging of the product, and the record of the product. colorant.

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