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Tattoo pigment production factory: how to find a reliable tattoo processing manufacturer?

by:Qinmei     2022-10-28

In the past two years, semi-permanent tattoos have become a daily hot word. With the popularity of the tattoo market, many people see that this market has greater potential, so they have invested in and want to join the industry.

Six advantages of tattoo brand OEM/ODM:

1. Reduce investment in fixed assets such as plant and equipment

2. With less capital investment, the formed products can be realized as soon as possible

3. Give full play to your own advantages and consume less time

4. Improve product quality and shorten production cycle

5. OEM production process system, high efficiency and good quality

6. Higher profits

There are a lot of tattoo OEM manufacturers on the market, and it becomes easier to establish a tattoo brand. But with the increasing number of tattoo OEM manufacturers, how to find excellent tattoo OEM manufacturers in the face of these different manufacturers?

1. Detailed inspection

in the—When meeting or inspecting for the first time, through the factory environment, hardware and software of the tattoo OEM, you can see whether the tattoo OEM has sufficient strength, whether the quality of personnel is high, and whether there is etiquette in dealing with people and things.

If it is at the beauty expo, you can see whether their exhibition hall has a brand image, whether the product samples are rich, and whether the technical staff has an opinion on the technology beyond that of ordinary practitioners in the tattoo industry.

Second, listen to the other party

Listening to his words and deeds, many secrets are sometimes revealed from the words of the dialogue. If it is exaggerated to introduce one's own factory, the preface often does not fit the description, revealing flaws.

Carefully pay attention to every sentence and every data. When appropriate, ask questions about inconsistencies and look at the other party's reaction and expression. A truly powerful large company will give pragmatic answers to customers' questions. In order to maintain the company's image, its commitments are well-founded, and those that cannot be done directly say that it cannot be done.

3. A lot of inquiries

You need to ask more about how the other party operates internally, how to connect with customers, etc. If it is a professional tattoo OEM processing factory, it will respond like a flow, even if it is a junior employee, at least for the general situation of the factory. familiar.

If the other party can't answer the question asked, or the coping words, such as“Don't worry about this, there is no problem, probably……”You have to pay attention, either the reception staff is really low level, or the factory is not as good as they advertise.

4. Factory Experience

Go to the workshop in person, or try out one or two models of cooperation first, and see if the other party cooperates enough after the whole process, whether they are working hard for their products, and whether they are as enthusiastic about their lower-level employees as they are for themselves.

If it is an ordinary small workshop, it will show the usual working attitude, and the service quality and product quality are often unsatisfactory.

Reliable tattoo and embroidery processing manufacturers will tell you with their strength that your choice is correct!

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