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Tattoos fall off after two days, is that normal?

by:Qinmei     2022-04-29

Artistine Korean semi-permanent thinks this is a normal phenomenon. After the outer layer of color has faded, it is the real color after the eyebrow tattoo. The inner color is very light. Do you want to tattoo it again? What happened to the eyebrows that fell off after two days of tattooing? Artistic Semi-Permanent believes that this is a normal phenomenon. After the outer layer of color has fallen off, it is the real color of the eyebrows after tattooing. Q: The color inside is very light, do I need to tattoo it again? After that, it still has to fall off once again, right? Why should the tattoo be repeated one month later? A: Yes, it is best to wait until the third The color will be replenished after a month, because the major metabolic cycle of the skin is three months, and the real color can only be seen at that time. Q: Can I get the tattoo after a month? Now it seems that the color of the inner layer is very light after falling off. Will it thicken a little after a while? A: Maybe yes, it depends on the absorption of your skin, so it is best to wait until three months later. What are the contraindications of eyebrow tattooing? Good-looking eyebrows play a role in modifying our eyes. The so-called beautiful eyes can talk. If the eyebrows are not very good-looking, we can improve them by tattooing eyebrows. Then, tattooing eyebrows has What are the contraindications? Let’s learn about it with ARTISTRY Korean semi-permanent! The eyebrow tattooing technique is actually a kind of traumatic skin coloring. The pigment is implanted in the skin tissue to form a stable color block. Translucent, the pigment passes through the epidermis layer, showing a lustrous color to cover up flaws, enhance strengths and avoid weaknesses, and beautify and beautify. Today, when beauty is fashion, embroidered eyebrows are favored by more and more beauty lovers. Everyone loves beauty, but they cannot blindly follow. Beauty lovers need to be treated rationally. Especially embroidered eyebrows, although it can add a lot of bright colors to beauty lovers. It is understood that the contraindications of eyebrow tattooing mainly include the following: 1. Those with skin scars; 2. Those with coagulation dysfunction; 3. Those with scars on the upper eyelid skin; 4. Those with ptosis; 5. Those with scar constitution. The above is the relevant introduction about the contraindications of eyebrow embroidery. Do you know everything about beauty?

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