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Tattoos should pay attention to those things, what should be paid attention to when doing tattoos for sensitive constitutions!

by:Qinmei     2022-04-17

Everyone has the right to pursue beauty. Except for some customers who are really unsuitable for tattooing, have our tattooists encountered sensitive customers who asked for tattooing? Since people with sensitive constitutions cannot do tattoos, first of all, it is necessary to figure out what 'sensitive constitutions' are. Sensitive constitutions are people who are prone to allergic reactions and allergic diseases but cannot find the cause of the disease. '.

So, what about sensitive customers? what should I be careful of? We have had tattoo artists asking about this before, so today ARTISTRY semi-permanent makeup artist will share our teacher's tips with you. Generally speaking, if the customer's skin is sensitive, the allergic phenomenon that will appear when doing eyebrows is mainly as follows: customers with thin stratum corneum are prone to bleeding, redness and swelling. However, these problems are not big, and the current products can solve them. What we need to pay attention to is: don’t insert the needle too deeply during the operation. After the operation, apply 999 dermatitis flat during the day; at night, you can grind chlorpheniramine into powder and use sesame oil. Blend and apply on brows. As long as the operation method is careful, generally this kind of customer's problem is not a big problem. Self-Assessment of Sensitive Constitution Sensitive skin refers to skin that is easily stimulated and causes some degree of discomfort. When the external environment changes, the skin cannot adjust, resulting in uncomfortable feeling and allergies. Sensitive skin can be divided into dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin. Sensitive skin should choose facial care products carefully, and it is best to do a skin test before choosing to avoid unnecessary allergies. Sensitive constitution self-test 1. It is a sensitive constitution diagnosed by a doctor, or there is a family history of allergies. 2. Use acid skin care products, if acid, there will be a tingling sensation. 3. Drinking alcohol or staying in an unventilated room for a long time will cause the skin to become red and hot. 4. There will be itching in winter, dry skin on the outside and oily on the inside, but the skin with a large amount of oil does not look shiny. 5. The skin is very thin, and it turns red when exposed to the sun. When there is no redness, there are faint blue blood vessels. If you have more than three of the above symptoms, unfortunately, you are basically sensitive. Your skin is relatively fragile and has poor resistance, and moisture 'evaporates through the skin' faster than the average person. What should I do if my skin is allergic? Avoid all kinds of sensitive and irritating foods such as fish, coffee, alcohol and strong tea. Artistic semi-permanent makeup artist summed up 4 words: avoid (that is, avoid contact with allergy-causing substances), avoid (do not touch or ingest allergy-causing substances), replace (allergic to a certain item, find other substances to replace), remove (Away from the allergy-causing environment). Excessive scrubbing, violent scratching, and avoiding various external stimuli, such as hot water scalding, etc. Many patients repeatedly scald and wash themselves with hot water after they have allergies, and some even use salty salt water, pepper water to wash, or just desperately Scratching until the bleeding starts. Although these measures are effective in a short period of time, once they stop, the itching becomes more and more severe; and the above-mentioned actions or methods merely convert the itching stimulation into painful stimulation, which eventually causes local skin hypertrophy and infiltration. , nutritional changes occur, but it will aggravate itching; such a vicious circle will inevitably make the skin disease gradually worsen. When skin allergy occurs, the main symptomatic treatment includes oral, intramuscular or intravenous infusion of various anti-allergic drugs, and some corresponding external drugs, such as calamine lotion or corticosteroid ointment, can also be given. To drink plenty of water, and pay attention to rest. Patients with allergies should always keep some anti-allergic drugs such as chlorpheniramine, cyproheptadine, loratadine, etc. at home. In the event of an allergy, take it as directed to relieve the condition in time.

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