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The Beauty Expo ended successfully, and the tattoo embroidery OEM made another success

by:Qinmei     2022-10-26
style='padding: 0 0 30px;'> On March 12, 2021, the 56th China ( ) International Beauty Expo ended successfully.

This is a feast of the global beauty industry for exposing beautiful objects, exploring business opportunities and creating wealth. As an exhibitor for many years, the exhibition hall has attracted much attention at the US Expo. Let us enjoy the scene together!

Out of the circle with appearance
The King of Pavilion C is crowded

He spent a lot of money to win the central booth, and specially invited a famous design team to design an open space with simple white as the main color. The exhibition area, meeting area and practical operation area are all available, and the beauty of modern simplicity is unique.

Not only that, the products on display cover tattoos, hair growth, tattoos, auxiliary products and other series. The appearance and packaging are light and luxurious, and the models are all high-value. Once they are unveiled, they will attract a large number of color control people to stop and visit and experience trial products. , The popularity of the museum is overwhelming, and it is worthy of the name C Pavilion King.

Powerful fans
Hardcore products attract countless attention

High-quality products come with their own traffic.

In the exhibition hall, the giant LED screen continuously broadcasts corporate promotional videos, and a dazzling array of products on the whole line are carefully placed and scattered. , as well as a variety of patented products have brightened.

The most eye-catching is our ace product Cellular Growth Energy Combination, which adopts the patented technology of Jida——Developed with nano-cell regeneration technology, it is specially designed to treat severe hair loss, and can make lost or loose hair back thicker. It can be said to be the savior of hair loss.

Its appearance has successfully attracted the attention of many beauty industry professionals and people with hair loss at the beauty expo site. On-site procurement, board making, joining, and OEM consultation continue.

In addition, the most surprising products in the audience are the new products this year.——Ames full-effect auxiliary cream contains cocoa seed butter, Egyptian chamomile, mint, borneol and other plant ingredients, which can easily soften the epidermis, quickly absorb tissue fluid, prevent scabs, and help retain color; at the same time, it can also solve tattoos and embroidery. During the process of redness, swelling, bleeding, quickly repair the epidermis, calm the skin, multi-effect and all-round.

After learning about the products, the tattooists almost have a bottle in hand, and many institutions and stores stock up on the goods through the on-site huge discount activities, and the turnover is rising steadily, constantly setting new records!
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