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The Best Colorants for Semi-Permanent Tattoos– A Guide to OEM Tattoo Colors

by:Qinmei     2022-10-26

Tattoo technology is a minimally invasive skin-breaking technology, which uses sharp special tattoo needles to implant pigments into the skin tissue. These pigments modify the appearance of the eyebrows, thereby enhancing the user's aesthetics. It is difficult to choose the ideal embroidery pigment among many brand pigments.

The pigment used for tattooing is usually iron oxide. They are known to be inherently inert, non-reactive and ultra-stable. Iron oxide is harmless to the skin and is one of the best ingredients for making tattoo pigments.

Many people confuse the pigment with tattoo pigment due to its concentrated properties and clear brow enhancing appearance, but this is not the case. Tattoos can take 7 to 14 days to heal, and the effects of most pigments are permanent. The color material for tattoo embroidery is semi-permanent, and the color retention time is usually about 2-3 years.

The pigment is an excellent super-concentrated pigment in the industry. The top eyebrow, eye, and lip tattoo pigments are extracted from plants. The plant materials in the AOC planting area are strictly used, and the plant pigments are extracted layer by layer. After 25 advanced processes, the pigments are green and safe. , Delicate and smooth, the color is lustrous and full.

The products have been registered by the European CPNP department and verified by the Swiss SGS, the US FDA, the National Light Industry Quality Supervision Bureau and other domestic and foreign authoritative organizations. The medical and aesthetic aseptic packaging and the simple and elegant appearance have become the first choice of many tattoo artists.

Contains the perfect pigments from the permanent range——color king

What is the difference between this pigment and the common pigments on the market?

1. Fast coloring, long color retention, color retention time of up to 5-8 years.

2. The pigment is quite stable, no need to supplement color in the later stage, and there will be no halo.

3. Plant extract, no discoloration at all

A good color material can save tattooists from troublesome after-sales problems. Welcome to major tattooists and brands to order and OEM!
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