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The difference between semi-permanent and traditional tattoos

by:Qinmei     2023-05-10

The focus of semi-permanent tattoos is eyebrows, eyes, and lips. In other words, it can make you 'clean eyebrows', 'red lips and bright teeth'. Moreover, all-natural plant pigments are used, so you are no longer afraid of chemicals invading the skin. It adopts the latest micro-pigmentation transplantation technique, and uses FDA-approved pigments to transplant them into eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.
Tattoos, why do you only hear people say 'semi-permanent'?

1. The difference between semi-permanent tattoo and traditional tattoo
The biggest difference between semi-permanent tattoo and traditional tattoo is that traditional tattoo is an operation on the dermis of the skin, and the trauma is permanent and cannot be removed. The semi-permanent tattoo is aimed at the epidermis of the skin and will not cause trauma to the dermis. With the metabolism, it will gradually disappear after 2 to 3 years, and it can be removed.
2. Advantages of semi-permanent tattoo
Its biggest advantage is that it is painless and semi-permanent at the same time. The effect of setting makeup can last for 2-3 years, and then it will gradually fade with the new layer of skin metabolism, and then change the eyebrow shape according to the current fashion trend. Save the pain of washing eyebrows.
Another feature is that it avoids the tedious process of spending several hours a day on makeup and makeup removal. It is a real time-saving, labor-saving, fashionable, and international-leading beauty concept and makeup technology. Semi-permanent tattoos have a 'naked makeup' effect, which looks as beautiful as makeup even without makeup.

3. Semi-permanent tattoos are better and healthier
Traditional tattoos are dark inks containing heavy metals, which are not healthy and have heavy colors. Semi-permanent tattoos use natural mineral elements, which are harmless to the human body, and at the same time make the makeup effect more natural. The second is the tools. Traditional tattoos use public needles that are prone to infection, while semi-permanent tattoos use disposable needles, so there is no possibility of infection.
4. Semi-permanent eyebrows, eyes and lips are suitable for people
Semi-permanent fixed eyebrows: people with few or light eyebrows, uneven eyebrows on both sides, partial missing eyebrows, people who want to correct wrong eyebrow tattoos, who don't know how to draw eyebrows or take a long time every time.
Semi-permanent inner eyeliner: people with little or no eyelashes, who do not know how to draw eyelash line or take a long time each time, whose eyes are sensitive and cannot be drawn, and who have a lot of tears.
Semi-permanent crystal lips: those who wear lip balm for a long time, those with irregular/unobvious/asymmetrical pure red borders, those with scars after lip plastic surgery, and those with unsatisfactory lip shapes.

5. Semi-permanent tattoos need secondary complementary colors
Semi-permanent tattoos will go through such a process: the first time is to test the coloring degree of the skin, and it is initially formed. The second time is to complement the color, which is a formal operation of semi-permanent tattoos. At the beginning, the color will be a little bit heavier, 3~7 The scab will form in about 28 days, and the skin metabolism will show the final absorption level of pigment in 28 days.
6. Is it possible to undergo semi-permanent correction for traditional eyebrow tattoos that turn red or other colors?
Both red and blue eyebrows can be concealed by semi-permanent surgery, and scars can also be modified, but they are all limited by the basic color and shape. Laser washing eyebrows can also be selected.

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