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The difference between semi-permanent makeup powder eyebrows and light oxygen eyebrows

by:Qinmei     2022-12-07

Oxygen eyebrow is a kind of oxygen eyebrow. Oxygen eyebrow and powder makeup eyebrow are both called mist eyebrow in semi-permanent makeup eyebrow. These two kinds of semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos are more popular and more popular among young women born in the 80s and 90s. The techniques are a bit different, but the difference is not very big. Both of them have a light makeup effect. It feels like fog.

The concept of powder eyebrow and light oxygen eyebrow powder eyebrow

It is operated by vertical pricking with instrument (single needle for instrument) or pure manual pen (with round three or five needles), the wound surface is small, so there are few scabs during the repair process, and the post-effect can be seen after pricking it out, because it is done It is relatively shallow, so the maintenance time is relatively short, generally speaking, it is 3 to 6 months, and it will gradually fade with the body's metabolism.

Hydroxy eyebrow

The instrument used only touches the epidermis. Compared with traditional eyebrow tattooing, it has the characteristics of no bleeding, small wound, no scab, natural healing and fast operation, and the operation process is basically painless. The difference from the general mist eyebrow is that the makeup of the light oxygen eyebrow is lighter, more layered and transparent.

The difference between powder Dai eyebrow and light oxygen eyebrow

Oxygen eyebrows and powdered eyebrows are both names for misty eyebrows in the semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo category, which are more suitable for some fashionable young people born in the 80s and 90s. For people born in the 60s and 70s, it is recommended to make line eyebrows more natural.

In fact, the two kinds of eyebrow tattoos are a nominal difference among the misty eyebrows, and the difference in technique is not big, and the effect reflects a kind of light and breezy visual makeup. In the eyes of laymen, it is easy to use the name to distinguish different eyebrow tattoos. In the eyes of insiders, eyebrow tattoos are nothing more than three types: striped eyebrows, lines with fog, and foggy eyebrows. In addition, there are differences between manual and machine-made eyebrows. Usually, the name is not used to distinguish the light oxygen eyebrow and the powder eyebrow.

How to choose Fendai eyebrow and light oxygen eyebrow? It is determined by the level of the tattoo artist!

Speaking of this, female friends should be clear. As mentioned earlier, there is not much difference between the two, they are both different names in foggy eyebrows, and their appearance is the same.

Many female friends are entangled in which eyebrows to choose. I can tell you here. For this question, the editor’s answer is that which one is better depends on the aesthetics of the tattoo artist and the tattoo technology. A tattoo artist with a high aesthetic level, operating techniques and aseptic operating concept can achieve a satisfactory effect in terms of perspective.

To sum up, whether it is powder makeup eyebrow or light oxygen eyebrow, it is one of the mist eyebrows. The techniques are similar, and they all present a light and breezy visual perception. Remind those who need eyebrow tattoos, I recommend Xinyuxing Color Beauty Makeup School to everyone. No matter what kind of eyebrows you do, the effect is directly related to the level of the tattoo artist.

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