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The difference between semi-permanent tattoos and permanent tattoos, what are the tattoo pigments

by:Qinmei     2022-11-06
In a broad sense, semi-permanent makeup tattooing is the process of micro-inlaying pigments into the epidermis using micro-peeling technology. Especially suitable for eyebrow, eye and lip makeup. The tools used in tattooing are special needles. These sharp needles pierce the dermis to form holes. When piercing the skin, the pigment will also be brought into these holes to produce a coloring effect.

What is permanent and semi-permanent makeup?
As an example, we say permanent makeup is makeup that lasts at least 5-8 years, and semi-permanent makeup is makeup that is at least 1-2 years old. These terms are easy to understand, but the durability of tattoos depends on two factors, one is the pigment and the other is the depth of penetration of the dermis.

So first of all we have to choose the highest quality pigments with high quality ingredients to be used in tattoo coloring. In this context, we want to mention that tattoo ink is a special type of pigment that lasts longer than others.

Now let's talk about dermal penetration through tattooing. Penetration obtained with tattooing is in the medium range, while deep penetration can be achieved with a tattoo machine kit. So now you can easily learn how to get permanent and semi-permanent makeup for your brows.

Generally, medium penetration of tattoo inks and tattoo pigments is used in all tattoos. Some technicians use the best tattoo pigments in place of tattoo ink, which is almost equivalent to tattoo ink, we call it semi-permanent makeup.

What is tattoo ink and tattoo cosmetics?
Tattoo ink has two parts, one is the pigment and the other is the carrier. Tattoo ink has no other miscible substances other than the carrier, and the carrier is a liquid substance that helps deliver the ink to the appropriate layers of the skin.

The carriers are ethanol, purified water, witch hazel, glycerin and listerine.

From a general point of view, we say that pigments with carriers constitute semi-permanent tattoo pigments, but this is not true. Embroidery pigments or pigments with a carrier are not considered cosmetic until they are certified by the FDA, the Federal Food and Drug Administration.

A certificate is necessary because it acts on the human epidermis and may cause infections or sensitive skin diseases. FDA will conduct investigations and inspections, and only qualified products will issue certificates.
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