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The difference between tattoo pigments and semi-permanent makeup pigments

by:Qinmei     2022-08-19
A week ago, I had a client asking what to do with eyeliner that had turned into different shades of blue. Usually black with blue correction points can help with this situation, but when I came up with the solution she said she had tried it and it was still a bright blue. Then she told me that a previous tattoo artist used tattoo pigments on clients.

In the semi-permanent tattooing and tattooing industry, we all know not to use tattoo pigments in the semi-permanent tattooing process, but there is very little information on the actual reasons for this. in order to find“tattoo pigment”and“semi-permanent pigment”The difference between, I have compared many colorant labels.

In many classes, semi-permanent tattooists are told that there are semi-permanent and permanent pigments, which make up the difference between tattoo and semi-permanent pigments. I really believe this. But I have yet to find a blog post or website explaining the actual difference between the two colorants. So I did a little research expedition……

Composition of semi-permanent tattoo pigments and tattoo pigments

The ingredients are what make tattoo pigments and semi-permanent pigments quite different. When I use it for semi-permanent tattoos, I research each particle and ingredient for cosmetic hygiene prior to lip or eyeliner. In the cosmetic field, this is very important because the FDA regulates the particle sizes, colors and carriers that can be used in cosmetics. Since semi-permanent pigments belong to the category of cosmetics, they also need to comply with relevant regulations. So I did some comparisons.

Comparison of Black Pigments and Inks Black Colorant Comparison:
Ink Black: CI 77226 (Pigment Black 7)

In my investigation of tattoo pigments, this pigment is not listed for cosmetic use, which is good because it is a tattoo pigment, not a semi-permanent cosmetic pigment.

Semi-Permanent Pigment: CI 77499 (Iron Oxide)

In my survey of semi-permanent cosmetic pigments, this pigment is listed as an iron oxide pigment along with other iron oxides CI number. In cosmetic and personal care products, iron oxides are used in the formulation of various product types.

Brown Pigment Brown Colorant Comparison:
and Permanent Makeup Ink Brown–Approved Cosmetic Pigments: CI 77491, 77492, 77891,
CI 77491, 77492 are both iron oxide pigments, the same as CI 77499, and are also present in permanent cosmetic pigments. They are approved and commonly used in cosmetics.
CI 77891 is titanium dioxide, a natural mineral that has been processed and purified for cosmetic use.

Since the above pigments can be used for both tattoos and semi-permanent makeup, here are the differences:

ink is brown and may also contain the following pigments:
CI 21095, 12475, 11740, 21110 and other pigments (I sampled about four or five different browns from various brands, so there may be other components of other browns in the tattoo ink). A search for any of these CI numbers in cosmetic information will not turn up any results like CI 77226, however, a quick Google search yields a lot of results for CI 21110 as an orange dye. Again, this is fine because it's not a permanent makeup.

What I pointed out from the above colorant research is that there is a difference between body tattoo colorants and semi-permanent colorants. Next, we'll look at the carriers used in colorants, such as glycerin, alcohol, water, and oil.

Many tattoo pigments and semi-permanent tattoo pigments have basically the same carrier, for example:

distilled water
isopropyl alcohol
The above carriers are part of our pigments.

However, some of the ingredients on the list are different among the various brands of tattoo colorants:

Witch Hazel/Witch Hazel Virginia Extract. (Natural preservative in soluble or insoluble form approved for use in cosmetics.)
All ingredients, except witch hazel, do not meet cosmetic regulations. The ingredients need to be clearly marked on the cosmetic. This is so because the skin on our face is more sensitive and more prone to reactions. So when makeup can't tell you exactly what you're putting on your face, it's something to be concerned about.

in conclusion:
Cosmetic products (including the ingredients of semi-permanent tattoo pigments) are more strictly regulated than tattoo pigments, and rightly so. Unfortunately, this doesn't answer which ingredient produces a bright blue color in eyeliner, but it does give us a reason why tattoo pigments aren't recommended for semi-permanent makeup.
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