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The difference between wild eyebrows and feather-free eyebrows

by:Qinmei     2022-11-19

The pace of the tattoo circle is always changing rapidly. As a tattoo artist who keeps up with the trend, I finally learned a little about the flax-free feather eyebrows. Recently, the wild eyebrows became popular, and I can't tell the difference. So what exactly is 'wild eyebrow'? What is the difference between it and the feather-free eyebrow?

Morphological difference

To put it simply: Wild eyebrows just seem to be unpredictable, and there are many questions, 'Is it tattooed? Or is it not tattooed?' Having said that, I am used to seeing wild eyebrows such as unlined eyebrows and shooting star eyebrows all over the street. Eyebrows are really attractive. They are comfortable and natural, and they look full of high-end sense! And because it has a super nice texture no matter whether it is plain makeup or makeup, many stars in the entertainment circle have become its loyal fans. Many of them are exquisite. There are wild eyebrows behind the makeup photos to help them create the ultimate sense of nature. The hemp-free feather eyebrows show us a hazy, slender, fresh-born, velvety and light fairy like wings.

difference in technique

Wild Eyebrow:

For wild eyebrows, a single needle is used to advance three times and retreat two times to gently draw out the texture of the line. The needle is inserted vertically and the single needle only enters the epidermis and does not enter the dermis. It mainly draws lines to shape hair flu. The reason why wild eyebrows are wild is that their unique line arrangement rules make the overall line present a realistic hair texture. The brow of the wild eyebrow is the soul of the whole eyebrow, and the erected line makes the eyebrow hair full.

Hemp-free feather eyebrows:

To avoid hemp-free feather eyebrows, use Bormeize P1+ 0.25 single needle, turn on the machine and adjust the needle length to 1.5mm, absorb a small amount of coloring material, the needle tip is 90° vertical to the skin, throw the needle lightly into the skin, a stroke Sweeping to describe the texture of lines + fog. In order to create a soft texture, brows usually appear in the form of mist + a little line.

Post-effect comparison

The post-production effect of wild eyebrows shows that the lines are still very three-dimensional and the roots are distinct. In the later stage of the free-mass feather eyebrows, there is a sense of misty lines, like feathers. The two kinds of eyebrow tattoos have their own advantages, and there are many styles that can be created. They are the two most popular high-end eyebrow tattoo methods in the market.

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