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The four realms of the unique art of tattooing, what level have you cultivated to?

by:Qinmei     2022-04-17

Tattooing is a technique and an art. From a novice tattoo artist to a senior tattoo artist, from basic skills to aesthetic skills, tattoo artists need to keep practicing in order to reach the supreme state.

Realm 1: Basic skills of smooth and steady Observation and communication Embroiderers must have keen fashion observation, good aesthetic judgment and communication skills. Showing up to speak, saying something, justifying, and justifying ••• At the moment when you see a beauty seeker, you can have a basic positioning for image design. Next, when communicating with the beauty seekers, I will have a good idea, and I will get a good communication effect, so as to reach a consensus on tattoo embroidery with them.

Preparation and coloring First of all, the tattoo artist should select or mix the most suitable pigments according to the skin color and temperament characteristics of the beauty seeker. Then, use your own most exquisite tattoo techniques to skillfully color, and finally present beautiful eyebrows, eyes and lips through natural and generous colors.

Realm 2: Pursue details and pay attention to harmony It is time to grasp the overall coordination and pursue local harmony. It is time to test the embroiderer's skill level.

The tattoo artist needs to pay attention to the overall coordination of the tattoo site, face shape and facial features. According to the different characteristics and defects of customers themselves, look at the whole situation, and carry out the transformation of eyebrows, eyes and lips. The standard beauty face should be relatively symmetrical to the left and right, and secondly, the facial features are more inclined to the left face. In view of this, tattoo artists must be well versed in this way when facing customers, fully tap and magnify the advantages of beauty seekers, and highlight the most beautiful temperament.

Realm 3: Personality, Vividness, Naturalness Let every part of the eyebrows, eyes and lips have articles, and every point reflects the skill. Beauty, the most taboo is the face of thousands of people, it is easy to make people feel aesthetic fatigue. Although it is exquisite and beautiful and looks stylish, it stifles individuality and loses the beauty of nature and agility. Therefore, embroiderers should properly highlight their individual characteristics according to the comprehensive conditions of the person seeking beauty, such as face shape, eye shape, personality, temperament, age, occupation, etc., and skillfully use fashion elements to show natural atmosphere, harmonious and vivid works .

Realm Four: Artistic Works, Humanistic Feelings Tattooing itself is a comprehensive skill, and tattooing works can be called works of art. Therefore, embroiderers are by no means limited to craftsmen and craftsmen, but artists with humanistic feelings. And China, as an ancient oriental country with a long history and profound traditional culture, its cultural heritage has deeply influenced tattoo artists. Many embroiderers can combine oriental aesthetics to create beauties with oriental characteristics.

The most amazing thing about tattooing is: when you practice to the last realm, you can be confident and free to write every time you write, just like you are creating a work of art. , The heart has a spectrum, and the hands are self-sufficient.

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