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The Importance of Embroiderers' Choice of Embroidery Colors

by:Qinmei     2022-04-21

Abstract: The importance of the tattoo artist's choice of tattoo pigments cannot be ignored. The pigments used in tattoos are special and have protein pigments with nutrients. We can simply divide tattoo pigments into two parts: color base and auxiliary. The color base refers to organic or inorganic materials such as pigments and dyes that play a role in color development; the auxiliary refers to the color base in the tattoo pigment except the color base. External substances

The pigments used in tattoos are special and also contain nutrients and protein pigments. We can simply divide tattoo pigments into two parts: color base and auxiliary. The color base refers to organic or inorganic materials such as pigments and dyes that play a role in color development; the auxiliary refers to the color base in the tattoo pigment except the color base. External substances, such as water, alcohol, glycerin, resin, etc., play the role of evacuation, dampness, disinfection, emulsification, etc. When tattooing, we must strictly select the non-toxic, aseptically treated tattoo pigments of pure animals, and the inorganic mineral pigments whose colored components are all extracted from animals. Tattoo coloring material: 1. The tattooing coloring material is prepared by pure natural animal extraction pigment. It is divided into oily paste, water-quality paste, oily liquid and water-based liquid. 2. It is better to use water-quality tattoo and embroidery pigments for lip tattooing. Since the lips belong to the mucosal tissue, the subcortical layer is watery, and the water-quality pigments are exactly the same, which is not easy to cause complications. 3. It is not easy to use the oily paste as the tattoo pigment, because it contains white mineral oil, the fineness is not enough, it is easy to delaminate, the taste is pungent, and the metal content exceeds the standard. 4. The high-quality embroidery pigment is water quality and looks very thin. Its color consistency is high, the fineness is high, and it is not layered. If you intend to tattoo, you must choose a regular plastic surgery and beauty hospital, which can guarantee the quality of tattoo and embroidery pigments, and prevent the color and consequences of tattoos from being unrealistic. In-depth analysis: Matters needing attention for tattooists when choosing pigments Non-permanent eyebrow, eye and lip coloring refers to the use of nano-chips and tattooing techniques to tattoo perfectly suitable eyebrows, eyes and lips, and repair natural defects. There are two types of tools currently in use: one is an electric osmometer and nanochips, and the other is an electric tattoo machine and nanochips. Just like embroidery, it can be embroidered by hand or by machine. But machine-embroidered artwork is more real and smooth than hand-embroidered artwork. When most tattooists choose a suitable machine, they often overlook that the choice of tattoo pigment is a crucial step. Especially due to the rapid development of the beauty tattoo industry, it is becoming more and more popular, but the quality of the practitioners is not uniform. Rejection phenomenon, more serious hepatitis B, syphilis, AIDS, etc.; there are also many bad tattoo works, so good tattoo works are long-term postoperative effects, not temporary. When choosing tattoo products, tattoo artists must strictly demand the quality of the products, especially the pigments that remain in the human body.

The skin of the human body is translucent, and the pigment can show the color through the skin. The pigments pierced into the skin are all in the form of small particles with a diameter of less than a micrometer. They are quickly surrounded by collagen and fuse with many pigment particles to aggregate into larger particles (scattered color bands of about 0.4 mm), which remain in the skin. Between the basal layer and the papillary layer. Because the particles are too large to be engulfed by macrophages, they form a colored mark that persists for months, years, or longer.

The history of tattoo pigments The first generation of industrial pigments. This type of pigment is basically derived from industrial pigments, with low price and high content of heavy metals. Although the immediate effect is good, it is harmful to human health, the color is unstable, and it is easy to turn black, black, blue and other problems. Professional-minded embroiderers have eliminated the use of industrial pigments. The second generation of plant-based pigments, such products overcome the damage of heavy metals to the human body, the eyebrows are easy to turn red, the gloss of the lips is lacking, the impurities have certain damage to the human body, and the color stability is lacking. The semi-paste milky color material, the iconic product of the third decoration revolution, has reached the international certification. It solves the problem of discoloration and unstable color in the later period for the first time. At the same time, it can supplement the loss of skin protein caused by wounds and help wounds heal in time. Repair, effectively prevent postoperative sensitivity and redness. It has the characteristics of fast coloring, safety, nutrition, non-toxicity, high color stability and strong saturation.

From the formulation point of view 1. Water-soluble pigments: also known as water-based pigments, the advantages are strong penetration and fast coloring. However, the viscosity is weak, the color is easy to fade, the color stability is poor, the eyebrows are easy to turn red, and the laser is difficult to remove. Some people think that good pigments should be spread around when dripping into water, but they are wrong! This just means that the pigment is not stable enough. That is to say, the color is easy to fade after doing, and the effect is kept for a short time. 2. Paste pigment: strong viscosity, suitable for manual pen operation, no need for electric machine, due to the limited number of needle points under the eyebrow embroidery needle, the short-term effect after the operation is prominent, natural, but the maintenance time is short. Generally speaking, the color of the paste is faster and the effect is more natural. However, the quality of the pigment is required to be better, the particles of the natural pigment molecules should be smaller, and it is easy to color with the precise craftsmanship of the tattoo artist. Try to choose pure natural plant colorants, professional medical color milk, the effect of tattoo is realistic, and the color is natural. 3. Emulsion-like color cream: also known as semi-paste color material, take a drop of color material on the back of the hand, and rub it back and forth with a small area of u200bu200bthe belly of the finger.

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