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The later the semi-permanent eyebrow color replenishment, the better. Secondary color replenishment precautions

by:Qinmei     2022-12-03

Semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing has become a popular beauty method. Many girls want a pair of better-looking eyebrows and choose to have semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing. In order to keep the color effect and retention time longer in the later stage, some people think that color supplementation can be done later. Is it true that the later the time of color supplementation, the better? It is not that the later the better, there is a suitable time range for color supplementation.

Is the supplementary color to be re-tattooed?

Is the eyebrow color supplement tattooed again? In fact, the eyebrow supplement color is not tattooed again, but supplemented according to the first eyebrow tattoo. For example, the part of the eyebrows is not colored, the distance between the eyebrows on both sides is adjusted, and the length and width of the eyebrows are adjusted. According to the editor's understanding, most girls need to make up the eyebrow color after tattooing.

The later the color replenishment time, the better?

Is it better to replenish the color of the eyebrows as late as possible? Usually, the time for semi-permanent secondary color replenishment is 1 month to 1 year after the semi-permanent makeup is fixed. It takes at least one month for repairing, so the semi-permanent secondary color replenishment for beauty lovers is done 1 month to 1 year after the semi-permanent makeup is fixed. Of course, it is also necessary to make a basis for judgment based on the effect of the work. It can be delayed for a few days, but it should not be delayed for too long to miss the color replenishment time.

Precautions for semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing

The depth of needle insertion

The tattoo artist should grasp the depth of the needle, because the key to ensure the color is to control the depth of the needle properly. Ensuring the depth of needle insertion is for deep coloring. The specific method requires that 1/3 of the needle be inserted into the treatment site, and at the same time, be frequently stained with coloring material, so that the color will not be light colored due to insufficient needle insertion.

2. Guarantee the duration of materials used

When doing semi-permanent secondary color replenishment, the tattoo artist must ensure the retention time of the color material. Generally, the color material should not stay on the skin surface for less than 30 seconds, otherwise it will also lead to poor results after the second color replenishment.

Three, remove excess coloring material in time

When tattoo artists do semi-permanent color supplements, they must pay attention to correctly erasing excess color materials. The specific method is to use a special sterile cotton pad to lightly absorb the color when wiping the excess color, and then gently wipe the excess color. Some pigments have strong adhesion, so after staying on the skin, in order to avoid excess residue, it is necessary to ensure that the excess pigment is completely wiped off.

The supplementary color of the semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo can make the eyebrows better reflected, the color is fuller, and the maintenance time is longer. Semi-permanent eyebrow coloring is not as late as possible. When coloring is done at the right time, pay attention to the steps of coloring, and a pair of good-looking eyebrows will be formed.

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