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The main points of operating line eyebrows The necessary operation details of line eyebrows

by:Qinmei     2022-11-28

Eyebrows in semi-permanent makeup are an item that attracts everyone's attention. Everyone knows foggy eyebrows and lined eyebrows in eyebrow tattooing. Foggy eyebrows look better and lined eyebrows are more natural. The line eyebrows are more difficult to operate, which is a test of the tattoo artist's technical level, and because of the high technical content of the line eyebrows, they are also highly praised by the tattoo industry. What should be paid attention to when operating line eyebrows, and what are the main points of technique?

1. Let nature take its course

The arrangement of the lines depends on the natural growth direction of the customer's eyebrows. If the customer's eyebrows grow from the bottom to the top, then our lines should also go from the bottom to the top, so that the lines will be natural and flexible, and will not appear abrupt and blunt.

2. Needle goes out without return

Before stitching, you must first think about how to arrange the stitches. Once you stitch, don’t hesitate! If there is a pause during the stitching process due to hesitation, there will be a pause at the place of the pause, which will greatly affect the beauty of the line. It is also difficult to correct this point in the later stage, so you must start cleanly!

3. Wrist force

Hold the eyebrow pencil tightly with your fingers and use your wrist firmly, not only to grasp the depth of the needle insertion, but also to ensure the smoothness and elegance of the lines! Especially for beginners, you must learn to use your wrist firmly at the beginning, and develop a habit, so that there will be no progress in the future. There are problems such as different depths of needles and excessive relaxation of line arrangement!

4. Vertical skin

The needle tip of the needle sheet should be perpendicular to the skin or skin surface. The flat surface of the needle piece should not be inclined to the skin, otherwise the incision wound will be thick and incoherent, and the lines will not only become thicker in the later stage, but more seriously, there will be halo!

5. The first set of lines is very important

We are accustomed to using the first group of lines as a reference to arrange the direction of the next group of lines, so the direction and interval width of the first group of lines must be well grasped. After the first group of lines is done, the remaining lines will be handy and smooth Take it easy.

6. The lines should not be too long

The eyebrows of real people are not very long, but many tattoo artists may take into account the shape of the eyebrows and the elegance of the lines, and like to draw the lines too long, especially at the end of the eyebrows! Too long lines are definitely unnatural, just like It looks like there are several strands of hair glued to the customer's eyebrows!

7. Sealing glaze anti-inflammatory and color-fixing

A step that many tattoo artists do not know is to 'seal the glaze', that is, within half an hour after finishing the eyebrows, they must be sealed with crystal glaze in time. After sealing, the bleeding must be stopped and isolated from the outside air. . If you don't use it, customers will be stained with many bacteria when they go out, which can easily lead to various later problems such as inflammation.

Be sure to seal the glaze, this step can avoid most of the complications in the later restoration of the eyebrows!!

The details determine the success or failure. To sum up, the operation technique of line eyebrow is very particular, which involves important factors such as the use of needles and the strength of the technique. Therefore, mastering the key points of operating line eyebrows is a necessary step for tattoo artists.

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