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The most detailed cosmetic OEM process on the entire network, click to collect!

by:Qinmei     2022-11-08

As we all know, there are many cosmetic brands on the market, but not every brand has its own production factory. Most brands or international big brands choose cosmetic OEM manufacturers for production. Therefore, the entrusting party and the entrusting party will be involved in the cosmetic OEM process. Next, let's take a closer look at the detailed process involved in the cooperation between the entrusting party and the entrusting party when cosmetics OEM is used.

The whole process of the entrusting party OEM

1. Register company and trademark

“The troops and horses have not moved, the food and grass go first”, as the entrusting party, if you have not yet established a company, you need to register the company and brand trademark. This is relatively simple. You can find an agent company for assistance or choose an OEM manufacturer that provides this service.

2. Determine market positioning

The entrusting party must clarify the product market positioning and determine the main target audience. If you go to the professional line, the product quality requirements will be relatively high, and the cost will also increase. If you go to the daily chemical line, e-commerce and other channels, then The primary factor is to save costs and choose relatively low-priced raw materials, packaging materials, etc.

3. How to find OEM manufacturers

Search through search engine keywords to find relevant cosmetic OEM company information.

Direct contact with cosmetic OEM manufacturers through Alibaba Wholesale Network.

Obtain OEM manufacturers through peer introduction or industry information and learn about relevant manufacturer information at the Beauty Expo.

4. How to screen cosmetic OEM manufacturers?

Check the relevant production qualifications of the manufacturer, understand the reputation of the manufacturer online, and finally inspect the strength of the factory on the spot.

5. Trial and formula confirmation

Try more samples, according to the samples and packaging materials provided by the OEM manufacturers, sign the samples and confirm the formula.

6. Filing and sample testing

Submit samples for inspection and complete filing in accordance with regulatory requirements.

7. Quotation, signing of consignment processing agreement and order placement

Pay attention to the requirements of quality-related clauses.

8. Product acceptance

Acceptance is carried out according to the quality agreed requirements of the product.

The whole process of the trustee OEM

In the process of OEM cooperation, the trustee needs to pay attention to the following points:

1. Authorization of the trademark

Confirm that the entrusting party can provide trademark certification documents and authorization letters to avoid legal risks.

2. Confidentiality agreement signed

Avoid leakage of product technical data.

3. Sample signature and sample confirmation letter

Confirm the sample signing with the entrusting party, and request the entrusting party to provide a confirmation letter for providing samples.

4. Inspection and retention samples

Ensure the retention of samples in the development stage and production samples, and do a good job of stability inspection.

5. Logistics and distribution
To ensure that the production is completed on time, and the boxes are shipped in time.

The above is the whole process of the entrusting party and the entrusting party OEM. Some of the details will be changed according to the rules and regulations of different manufacturers. The actual process is subject to the communication between the two parties.
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