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The pain point of tattoo artist: the choice of color material is too difficult, do not know how to choose the tattoo color material?

by:Qinmei     2022-10-23

Embroidery techniques and pigments are equally important to a tattoo artist. If a tattoo artist chooses a pigment that he is not familiar with, he needs to pay great attention to technical details. If the coloring is slow? The color retention is not ideal? But there is no problem with the operation technology, then the problem may be the color material. Let's talk about how to choose tattoo dyes?

Choose products from regular manufacturers. The regular manufacturers mentioned here usually refer to manufacturers or brands with relevant production qualifications. If it is a pigment produced by a small workshop, even if there is no basic production address and company certification, the quality and safety of the pigment cannot be guaranteed.

Good pigments are easy to color, the color is even and saturated, the penetrating power is strong, the coloring rate of the pigments is strong, and the color retention effect is ideal in the later stage. For example, the best concentrated pigments have the following characteristics:

1. Super strong adsorption force, make the skin color quickly and keep the color longer;

2. The ingredients are naturally free of heavy metals, so you can use them more safely;

3. Medical beauty grade sterile packaging, simple and elegant appearance, has become the first choice of many tattoo artists;

If you use a bad colorant, although the color is bright, the immediate effect is not much different from the good colorant, but it is prone to discoloration in the later stage.

When choosing pigments, tattoo artists must find pigments from safe, reliable and formal manufacturers. While ensuring good results, they can also ensure product safety and enhance personal reputation.

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