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The real reason behind the semi-permanent make-up, black hair and lips

by:Qinmei     2022-12-13

There are often girls who find that their lips are black and black after finishing the semi-permanent lip makeup. They will panic when this kind of black and flowery lips appear. What is the reason for this phenomenon after finishing the lips? , let's take a look at the reasons for black and flowery lips.

After semi-permanent treatment, the main reasons why the lips are black and flowery:

1. Physical reasons

a. The lip color is dark

It is mainly determined by one's own health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, liver damage, or objects with a large amount of lead and mercury in the body.

b. Have operated lip projects many times

Repeated operations will cause uneven pigment deposition and absorption, capillary damage and congestion, and uneven and dark coloring in the later stage.

2. Operation reason

Semi-permanent makeup lips will produce darkening phenomenon and have a certain relationship with the operation method of semi-permanent makeup lips, so pay special attention to the semi-permanent makeup precautions in operation

a. Color selection is not uniform during operation

When selecting colors, mix colors of different brands or cool colors and warm colors, and mix them together for use. Since the mixing ratio, the thickness of the toner grinding particles, and the process are all different, different brands cannot be mixed together for use, and they must be unified and focused.

b. Uneven strength and non-standard technical techniques during operation

During operation, the small tail finger of the robot hand cannot be effectively supported, resulting in uneven strength. The local operation time is too long or repeated operations. During operation, the needle tip should be close to the lip surface and slide at a constant speed, and the needle should not be skipped as much as possible when leaving the operating part. .

3. Failure to repair in time and correctly after operation

a. After the operation, the standard repair process must be followed to avoid the formation of lip stains due to blistering or thick scabs.

b. It is also very important to protect against ultraviolet rays after the operation. During the repair period after the operation, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight for a long time, otherwise it will cause the lips to oxidize and blacken.

c. You need to pay attention to cleaning when eating after operation. 1-2 days after operation, in order to avoid staining and infection of the lips, the lips that have just finished eating should be rinsed with normal saline to clean the lip surface, and then repair the epidermis .

When doing semi-permanent makeup, it is very important to choose the right semi-permanent training school, and it is more important to listen to the advice of the tattoo artist. The semi-permanent you have come into contact with is definitely not as many as professional tattoo artists. Guys, choose the right tattoo artist and pay attention to the operation. Nursing, beauty without makeup, you can have it too!

Questions and answers about semi-permanent lips
Q: How long does it take for semi-permanent lips to recover naturally?
Answer: After the semi-permanent lip bleaching operation, the scabs and scabs are usually completed within a week, and the wound returns to nature. However, the general lip color recovery period is relatively long, and it takes 2-3 months to restore the natural lip color.
Q: Will semi-permanent lips swell for many days?
Answer: Depending on the individual's constitution, it will be swollen. Do not drink alcohol and eat hot and salty food for 3 days when applying make-up to the entire lips.
Q: Semi-permanent lips can be washed
Answer: Lip makeup, if the hygiene is not in place during the operation, or the customer is sensitive, it is easy to cause bacterial infection. Therefore, after the lip is finished, it will be equipped with corresponding repair and disinfection products.
Q: Which one is better for Korean semi-permanent lip makeup?
Answer: Xin Yu Xing color semi-permanent lip makeup is pretty good. The lip shape is natural, and you can make any shape you want. Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos are also very good.
Q: How much is semi-permanent lip makeup?
Answer: The price is definitely different in each place. Regional issues, storefront issues, and decoration all affect the price.

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