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The safest method of anesthesia in eyeliner

by:Qinmei     2022-04-26

There are three commonly used local anesthesia methods in the process of eyeliner, namely topical anesthesia, local infiltration anesthesia and regional block anesthesia. 1. Methods of performing topical anesthesia 1. Applicable population - This method is suitable for the patients who have a good tolerance to pain or who do not want to have obvious swelling of the eyes recently. 2. Main agent - 1%~2% dicaine 3. Advantages of topical anesthesia: a. Simple method b. No blood stasis c. No obvious swelling d. Fast postoperative recovery 4. Disadvantages of topical anesthesia: a . Incomplete anesthesia b. Local bleeding c. Obvious irritation symptoms of palpebral conjunctiva Liquid, smear back and forth on the upper and lower eyelid margins. Note that for those who wear contact lenses, they should be asked to remove the contact lenses in advance and put them in normal saline for temporary storage. (2) The anesthetic should be applied repeatedly after puncturing the skin. In order to achieve a better anesthesia effect, the principle of 'stab once and apply anesthesia once' should be followed. (3) The concentration of anesthetics should be controlled below 3%, because the higher the concentration of anesthetics, the heavier the postoperative reaction, which will easily lead to conjunctival hyperemia and even conjunctival peeling. (4) When applying the anesthetic, the hand should be gentle, and the liquid should be less dipped, and be careful not to touch the bulbar conjunctiva (especially when using high-concentration anesthetics). (5) After tattooing, apply 2~3 drops of chloramphenicol eye drops to rinse the eyeball, and make the subject turn the eyeball back and forth. In addition, the tattoo artist should instruct the recipient to order chloramphenicol eye drops every night for three consecutive days after leaving. Symmetrical eyeliner, the position, shape, color depth of the bilateral eyeliner, and the position of the eyeliner must be symmetrical and harmonious in order to reflect the overall beauty. Although the eyeliner is beautiful, the operation has to endure a certain amount of pain. How can it be done without a safe anesthesia method?

Which of the two major anesthesia methods for exposure of eyeliner is the safest 1. Surface anesthesia for eyeliner (1) This method is suitable for those who have a good tolerance for pain or who do not want to have obvious swelling in the eyes recently. recipient. (2) Use a cotton swab to dip a small amount of 1% - 2% tetracaine solution or 2% lidocaine solution 3-5 minutes before the operation, and apply it back and forth on the upper and lower dangerous parts. Those who wear contact lenses should remove them and put them in normal saline for temporary storage. (3) After puncturing the skin, the anesthetic should be applied repeatedly. In principle, it is to stab once and apply anesthesia once, so the effect will be better. (4) The concentration of anesthetic should be controlled below 3%, because the higher the concentration, the more severe the reaction will be, resulting in conjunctival hyperemia and even corneal exfoliation. (5) When applying the anesthetic, the hand should be gentle, and the liquid should not be dipped in, and do not let the liquid touch the bulbar conjunctiva (especially high-concentration anesthetics, so as not to damage the cornea). 2. Local infiltration anesthesia with eyeliner (1) Before the operation, the subject should be asked in detail whether he has a history of anesthesia allergy. (2) Routine eye skin disinfection, namely wipe with 1:1000 Xinjieer cotton ball. (3) Use a disposable syringe to extract 2% procaine epinephrine 1 (2ml) or 2% lidocaine 2ml. (4) The patient is instructed to close his eyes gently, and the surgeon inserts a needle along the lower or upper eyelid at the lateral canthal corner of one eye to form a continuous subcutaneous skin mound. It is also possible to directly enter the needle tip from the outer canthus to the lower or upper eyelid margin of the inner canthus, and push the medicine while withdrawing the needle to form a skin mound (or the lower eyelid is divided into two needles, and the same is true for the upper eyelid). 0.5ml of anesthesia is applied to the lower eyelid or the upper eyelid on one side. (5) Procaine epinephrine has the functions of prolonging the action time and hemostasis, but individual sensitive patients may have signs such as palpitations, fast pulse, and elevated blood pressure. At this time, the drug should be stopped immediately, symptomatic treatment should be used, and the Lidocaine will do. (6) Patients with a history of severe hypertension and hyperthyroidism should be banned from using anesthetics with epinephrine. Message: The eyeliner is first of all to enhance the concentration of eyelashes, the outline of the eyes is clear, the black and white are distinct, making people look full of energy. If you want to easily tattoo eyeliner, the most important thing is to choose the anesthesia method for the eyeliner.

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