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The Semi-Permanent Technique: 10 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Lip Tattoo

by:Qinmei     2023-05-16

Introduction: Since tattooed lips and eyebrows became popular, semi-permanent makeup methods have been sought after by more and more people. Especially lazy people like the once-and-for-all method. But before opting for these treatments, here are 10 things you need to know about getting lip liners.

1. Lip lines cannot make lips fuller

Lip lines do not make lips fuller

Lip tattoos are designed to enhance the shape of the lips, not to make the lips look fuller, nor to make the lips look puffy, nor to fill in any substances, just to outline the lips.

2. Only the outer circle of the lip is colored

Tattooed lips are not dyed lips, only the color along the periphery of the lip has been tattooed, and the inside of the lip is still its original color. So when applying lipstick, use a lip color that is more harmonious with the lip line. Colors that are too dark can look weird.

3. The color of the lines close to your natural lips will not last long

Color close to your natural lips won't last long

If the lip color you have tattooed is similar to your own lip color, it may not last long. You can refer to the color of the lipstick tattooed. When tattooing lips, you must choose according to your natural skin color.

4. Why are tattooed lips more natural than before?

The pigment used in most places is regular tattoo ink. So it will look unnatural. But now I use a kind of tattoo 'ink', which has a relatively low consistency and looks natural.

5. Tattooed lips need to be numb

Lips are especially sensitive, so don't be allergic to numbs if you're considering doing this. Because the lips are very vascular, if you choose anesthesia, then the lip tattoo treatment can be done much faster.

6. The healing process takes about ten days

Embroidery artists advise clients to schedule lip tattoos for a Thursday procedure so they can let the swelling and dryness die over the weekend. 'Lips will look dry and chapped heal'. The color lightened after a while, then it came back as the skin healed. You'll usually see full, true color after about two weeks. '

7. Never get sick and catch a cold

never get sick

If you are prone to colds, make sure you are taking medication to prevent colds. The needles in the lip tattoo will irritate you and make you catch a cold, which will make the whole healing process difficult.

8. Not every lip color can be tattooed

Some people have very dark skin and I do not recommend getting lip tattoos, because lip tattooing will cost more, and the skin will produce melanin, which will darken the lips, which will look ugly.

9. The duration of lip tattoo is long

Long lasting after lip tattoo

10. If you don't like your tattooed lips, you can use a laser to remove them

If you don't like it after tattooing your lips. It can be removed with a laser, but the laser is limited to the lips, and this method is not recommended for other parts of the body. But this way, you will spend more money and suffer more pain.

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