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The specific operation process and steps of tattooing eyebrows

by:Qinmei     2022-04-18

Now more and more beauties are getting semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing, so what is semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing? I believe everyone knows about eyebrow tattooing, but because of the natural nature, uneven pigmentation and fading of traditional eyebrow tattooing, it has been obviously eliminated in recent years, and the fashionable makeup looks are changing every year, so is the eyebrow shape .

Appearing in the late 1980s, eyebrow tattooing is a cosmetic surgery method in which metallic or vegetable pigments penetrate the subdermal layer by piercing the skin and then permanently maintain the shape of the eyebrows. The immutability of traditional Chinese eyebrow tattooing is obviously not enough to satisfy all beauty lovers, so the advantages of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing are more highlighted. As the so-called eyebrows show affection, it is not only the eyes that are important, but the eyebrows are also very important to the facial features.

Eyebrow tattoos can increase the thickness of the eyebrows and increase the overall beauty of the human face. It is suitable for congenital sparse eyebrows or acquired partial loss of eyebrows, as well as poor eyebrow shape, scars in the eyebrows, and uneven eyebrows. male and female patients. Today's Korean-style semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos can make eyebrows vivid, fashionable and natural. Semi-permanent eyebrows are also what we usually call Korean-style semi-permanent makeup eyebrows. So how to operate the Korean semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo, and how to operate the specific steps? 1. Before eyebrow tattooing, the eyebrow tattooing needle must be soaked and disinfected with disinfectant, the cotton balls used in the eyebrow tattooing process must be disinfected, and the color material must be one portion per person. 2. On the drawn eyebrow shape, wipe and disinfect with 1:1000 Xinjieer cotton ball or 75% alcohol cotton ball. 3. The operator holds the eyebrow tattoo machine or eyebrow tattoo needle, dips a little eyebrow tattoo liquid and repeatedly pierces the skin along the drawn eyebrow shape for many times, so that the eyebrow tattoo liquid containing particulate titanium oxide and food coloring on the needle tip is brought to the skin. Dermis. When tattooing, the force should be uniform and the depth should be appropriate, otherwise it will not be easy to color when pierced too shallowly. 4. When tattooing, the eyebrows and the upper and lower edges of the eyebrows are punctured, and the middle part of the eyebrows and the ends of the eyebrows are punctured or dotted. The coloring of the eyebrows and the tip of the eyebrows should be slightly lighter, and the coloring of the middle part of the eyebrow shape can be slightly darker. The upper and lower edges of the eyebrows and the eyebrow head should not be particularly neat. Natural feeling. 5. In the process of tattooing eyebrows, it is necessary to wipe off the floating color and exudate with a cotton ball dipped in a little normal saline several times to facilitate the observation of the coloring. 6. Generally, no anesthesia is needed when tattooing eyebrows. The recipient only feels slight tingling, and the pain level is completely tolerable. If some people are particularly sensitive to pain and cannot bear it, they can apply 1% dicaine cotton pads to the eyebrows during the tattooing process, and the pain can be significantly relieved. 7. During the tattooing process, the operator and the recipient should always pay attention to observe the coloring and eyebrow shape. If there is any dissatisfaction, continue to correct the tattooing in time until they are satisfied. Each eyebrow tattoo usually takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete. The eyebrows that have just been tattooed will appear slightly darker in color. Generally, after a thin layer of scab is taken off, the eyebrow color is really set and looks realistic and natural. If the brow color feels light after the scab is removed, you can make a second supplementary color to make the brow shape more perfect. 8. After the tattoo is completed, a layer of antibiotic ointment can be applied locally to prevent infection and the formation of thick scabs.

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