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The strategy to save bad tattooed eyebrows 'eyebrow cutting'?

by:Qinmei     2022-05-03

What is brow cutting? Artzini Korean semi-permanent tattoo artist introduced that eyebrows, as an organ of the human face, are an important aesthetic mark, which can often make a person much younger than their actual age. The rejuvenation of the eyebrows can remove the vicissitudes of the years, does not require a long recovery period and a lot of costs, and participates in all facial expressions. Beautiful eyebrows and elastic skin are the aspirations of every beauty-loving woman. Eyebrows play a role in beautifying the face and adjusting the expression on the face. Many people, especially young women, have sparse and light eyebrows, disorganized or poor eyebrow shape, which affects their appearance. Some people suffer from congenital or acquired reasons such as aging. , diseases, burns, scald caused by brow sagging, eyebrow missing, eyebrow displacement and eager to seek treatment, these can be solved by eyebrow shaping, such as eyebrow trimming, eyebrow cutting, and eyebrow transplanting.

'I got tattooed on my eyebrows more than ten years ago, and now the color has become ugly. Is there any way to solve this trouble?... In the QQ group of 'Huaxi Beauty Music ClubIt's no wonder that back then, regardless of the age, the eyebrow shape and the density of the eyebrows were all fashionable. The uneven eyebrow tattooing technique makes many people's eyebrows become 'wolong eyebrowsMany beauty seekers really want to use the current medical beauty technology to change. At present, the emerging eyebrow incision can solve this problem. Eyebrow incision is a rare 'one operation, three effects' project in medical facial plastic surgery. It can simultaneously play the special effects of crushing, wrinkle removal, and big eyes. Since eyebrow cutting is so good, let's take a look at it.

Different groups of people choose different eyebrow incisions

At present, there are four types of eyebrow incisions. Different people should use different eyebrow cutting techniques. The first is the whole eyebrow excision operation; it is mainly suitable for the scarring of the entire eyebrow due to repeated eyebrow washing, and the eyebrows are sparse; the color after the eyebrow tattoo (usually light brown or dark blue), usually manifested as thick black caterpillars lying on the orbit. The color cannot be removed after washing the eyebrows by laser or other means. The second is sub-brow excision, which is suitable for those with too high eyebrow tattoo or loose skin on the upper eyelid. The third is the excision of the upper eyebrow, which is suitable for those with loose upper eyelid skin and normal eyebrow structure and shape, and the position is too low. Fourth, the central cross resection of the eyebrows is suitable for those with drooping outer eyebrows, lower outer corners of the eyes, slack outer upper eyelid skin, and some even appear triangular eyes; there are scars and pigmentation on the outer side of the eyebrows, and the position and shape of the eyebrows and the middle of the eyebrows are normal.

Communicate more with the doctor before eyebrow incision

Before the surgery, the beauty seeker should try to communicate with the doctor as much as possible, and then do the eyebrow incision after reaching a consensus. The operation only takes about half an hour. Generally speaking, it is not advisable to remove all the eyebrows, at least the hair on the brow head will be preserved, otherwise the eyebrows drawn by the tattoo will not be natural enough. The incision will be designed as far as possible on the lower edge of the eyebrow, so that the incision marks after the operation will not be obvious.

At the same time, do not take medicines containing aspirin within two weeks before eyebrow incision, because aspirin can reduce the function of platelet coagulation; patients with high blood pressure and diabetes should be Inform the doctor about the condition so that the doctor can confirm the surgical plan; make sure that you are healthy before surgery, without infectious diseases or other body inflammation; do not wear makeup before surgery; women should avoid menstrual and breastfeeding cycles. The sutures can be removed 5 to 7 days after the operation

After the eyebrow incision, the sutures can usually be removed in 5 to 7 days. Try to avoid water on the surgical site within 7 days to ensure that the surgical site is clean and prevent infection. If there is blood scab or secretion on the wound, it can be wiped with sterile saline; the wound will be a little painful on the day of the operation, but it will gradually ease over time; avoid eating irritating foods such as peppers; strictly follow the doctor's instructions for taking medicine and follow-up. After brow incision, there may be the possibility of unsatisfactory brow shape or hyperplasia of scars. The unsatisfactory eyebrow shape is related to the surgeon's aesthetics and preoperative design. If necessary, it can be refurbished after half a year. The occurrence of scar hyperplasia can be treated with topical anti-scar drugs. If necessary, scar excision can be performed half a year after surgery, which can achieve better results.

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