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The taboo of doing half tattoos! do you know?

by:Qinmei     2022-07-27

You must know the taboo of half tattoos: dig by hand!

A lot of Gu Liang found after finishing their eyebrows that they were very satisfied with the shape of the eyebrows at first, but they were only beautiful for a week, they started to scab, and then they couldn't help picking them with their hands. Later, they found that the color was really light, yes Is it because of hand picking?

Picking with your hands is a negative teaching material, please don't imitate it!

During the scabbing period: Will plucking by hand affect the coloring?

Xiaomei emphasizes here, whether it is eyebrows or eyeliner, do not pick the scab. Because the scab is on the one hand during the repair period, on the other hand, it is fixing the color, and it is being repaired at this time. If the scab is removed by hand at this time, it will affect the repair of the surface. Second, it is not easy to color or unevenly colored, which will affect the later effect.

Therefore, if you find that your eyebrows are scabbed, you should let them fall off naturally. So for the sake of beauty, be patient, don't pull it!

Of course, some people will say, I didn't pick it, but the color faded after a week of scabs? What is the situation here?

In fact, the color of the scab will fade after the scab is removed.

Mainly divided into two cases of false decolorization and true decolorization

Tattoo training

1. False decolorization

Fake discoloration is caused by fading of the skin after it has scabbed over. During the eyebrow operation, the semi-instrument will brush the pigment into the epidermis, which will form a micro wound, so it will scab. The scab usually takes 3-5 days, and the scab will fall off naturally in about a week. The slow peeling of the scabs is related to the healing ability of the skin itself, especially the thicker the repairing agent is, the slower the scabs will come off.

2. True decolorization

True discoloration is caused by inadequate postoperative maintenance. After the eyebrows are done, during daily cleaning and care, be careful not to touch the facial cleanser and makeup remover. If you accidentally touch or rub the eye area, because the skin has not completely absorbed the pigment, it may be injected The colorant decomposes and separates out, which is easy to cause true decolorization.

Tattoo training

Why do eyebrows need to be tinted?

The skin under the eyebrows is undergoing metabolism. After the metabolism is completed, the lines of the lines will gradually show a normal color.

The normal period from half color to complementary color is about 28 days. At this time, the deep color of the skin will gradually appear. If the color of the line is not obvious or the color is too light, the complementary color can be fine-tuned.

The necessity of secondary complementary colors!

After the second half tattoo, about 20%-50% of the pigment will fall off with the stratum corneum cells. At the same time, it is related to age, skin elasticity, and whether there has been any damage.

After the second half tattoo, the skin's absorption of pigment can be mastered according to the second operation. In the later process of complementary color, the natural and bright effect of the half tattoo can be better improved while the deficiency is corrected, and the achieved maintenance time.

Tattoos have evolved into the era of half tattoos. The eyebrows that do not fade for a long time are inferior eyebrows. In fact, you can feel more at ease when the color fades, because you are just going through a process of normal eyebrow transformation!

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