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The tattoo artist judges the customer's lip shape (including design) in three minutes

by:Qinmei     2022-04-24

The classification of eyebrows, lips, eyes and lip shapes is a must for those who learn tattoos. Just imagine, when a guest asks: what lip shape do you see me? What lip shape suits me? If you have done your homework before the tattoo artist asks these questions, give the customer professional guidance, let the customer feel that you are very professional, have a sense of trust in you, and increase the transaction rate!

The ideal lip shape for the lips is a clear lip contour, a slightly thicker lower lip and an upper lip, and the size is coordinated with the face, making the entire lip more three-dimensional. So what are the common customer lip shapes? Flat upper lip Generally speaking, the upper gums are in front of the lower gums, and the flat upper lip is when the lower gums are in front of the upper gums, resulting in a retraction of the upper bed. The lower lip protrudes forward, the upper lip will be thinner, and the lower lip will be slightly thicker. Convex upper lip type

The lip peak is high with water chestnut, the lip beads are small and protruding forward, the lip contour is not rounded, and the whole lip is thin and protruding forward. Sagging mouth type

The mouth corners formed by the upper and lower lips will sag in an arc, giving a feeling of sadness and openness. The red dots of the tattoo are to adjust the lip shape. Upturned mouth type

The two ends of the upper and lower lips meet to form upturned mouth corners, smiling lips, also known as 'smile lips'. This kind of lip shape is also the effect that is always pursued when lip tattooing.

Thin lip type The vermilion of the upper and lower lips is flat and thin, but the lip peak and lip arch line are still obviously smooth (Caucasians mostly belong to this lip type). Thick lip type The orbicularis oris muscle and loose connective tissue are developed, making the upper and lower lip hypertrophy, the lip peak is too high, and the lip type has a tendency to eversion. The above is the common lip shape among tattoo consumers. Do you understand the friends who are learning tattoo? Embroiderers should pay attention to enriching their ability to design tattoo aesthetics at all times. Only by understanding theoretical knowledge and improving aesthetics can they make high-priced lips as soon as possible.

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