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The technical principle of lip bleaching

by:Qinmei     2022-11-27

Lip bleaching surgery uses the tattooing technique. Under anesthesia, the whole lip is first tattooed according to individual needs. If the lips are dark, the lip color is used to change the color first, and then the target color. until the desired lip color is achieved. Lip tattoos should be performed under sterile conditions. Otherwise, infection and cold sores may occur.

Baby lips are popular in recent years

Others include cherry lips, fashionable lips, beautiful girl lips, mini lips, tender lips and so on.

Lip color selection

1. People with beautiful mouth shape can choose bright colors to highlight their beauty, otherwise choose not bright colors.

2. Young people should choose peach red and pink to show their innocent and natural beauty; middle-aged people should choose brighter colors to highlight elegant and dignified charm.

3. Any color is suitable for people with fair complexion.

4. Light and bright colors are suitable for big mouth and pointed shape.

5. If you are introverted, you should be light, while if you are extroverted, you should be bright.

6. It has been proved by practice that Yanyanhong, Zhenghong, and peach red have perfect postoperative effects, and two or three kinds of reds can be used to blend various intermediate colors to achieve excellent decorative effects.

Preoperative preparation

1. Before the operation, the operator is required to avoid food, mainly spicy, spicy, irritating food, raw garlic, raw onion, pepper, etc. In addition, in addition, peanuts, melon seeds, seafood and other foods should not be eaten, and the taboos should run through the whole process of lip bleaching until the wound is completely healed, usually about a week.

2 Rinse your mouth with mouthwash before surgery

3 Choose an appropriate time. Generally, women are not suitable for lip bleaching during menstruation, and it is better to choose one week after menstruation.

4. It should be known whether the operator usually has frequent or seasonal lip blisters. If so, vitamin C should be taken orally in addition to intravenous infusion or oral antibiotics three days before the operation; within five days after the operation Vitamin C and antiviral drugs should still be taken orally.

4. Prepare suitable colors according to the age, skin color and lip color of the customers. If the lip color is light or younger, light pink can be used; those who are older or have dark lip color should choose bright red; purple red is prohibited. Otherwise an unhealthy liver color will be formed on the lips. In short, choose the color carefully.

5. Choose a good hospital and a good doctor.

6. Masks must be worn during operation, hands must be disinfected with 75% alcohol, all operating equipment must be strictly disinfected, and strict aseptic operation is required. Oral cleaning and lip disinfection should be carried out before the operation. The operator is required to rinse his mouth with mouthwash, and the lips are generally disinfected with complex iodine cotton balls.

7. It is necessary to achieve one injection per person and one coloring material per person to avoid cross-infection.

8. People with poor coagulation mechanism, allergic constitution and scar constitution are generally not suitable for lip bleaching.

9. Before starting, adjust the length of the needle tip, generally more than 0.6m is appropriate.

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