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The three principles of eyebrow tattooing, before and after eyebrow tattooing

by:Qinmei     2022-11-23

Eyebrow tattooing is to penetrate metal or plant pigments under the skin to permanently maintain the shape of eyebrows. There are three principles of eyebrow tattooing. At the same time, let’s understand the before and after photos of eyebrow tattooing pictures.

The three principles of eyebrow tattooing:

If you want to get a good-looking and fashionable eyebrow shape that suits you, you must refer to the following three principles of eyebrow tattooing.

Principle 1: Before tattooing eyebrows, you must design the corresponding eyebrow shape according to your age, face shape, and skin color. The eyebrow shape that looks good to others may not necessarily suit your eyebrow shape. At the same time, the eyebrow tattooed should be shallow rather than dark Don't be long, rather thin than thick! The eyebrow tattoo must be suitable and appropriate!

Principle 2: Choose the color of the eyebrow material according to your skin color and hair color. When tattooing eyebrows, first choose a lighter color to create the overall eyebrow shape, and then use a darker color dye to tattoo the inside of the eyebrow shape. It will look more natural.

Principle 3: In the process of eyebrow tattooing, the density of the root and tail of the eyebrows can be relatively sparse, so that it can pass through more naturally.

Comparison pictures before and after eyebrow tattooing:

Many want to know how the effect of tattooing eyebrows is? I believe this is what many girls who want to get their eyebrows tattooed want to know. Let’s take a look at a group of before and after photos of eyebrow tattooing:

Comparison picture 1 before and after eyebrow tattooing:

It can be seen that the contrast after the eyebrow tattoo is quite obvious. Before the eyebrow tattoo, the eyes look dull, but after the eyebrow tattoo is very energetic. The eyebrow shape she chose is also more suitable for her face shape.

Comparison picture 2 before and after eyebrow tattooing:

Before the eyebrows are tattooed, the eyebrows are light, sparse, and messy, that is, there is no eyebrow shape, but after the eyebrows are tattooed, the facial features are more obvious, and there is also a cute feeling.

Comparison picture 3 before and after eyebrow tattooing:

My eyebrows look better after tattooing, and my recognition has also improved, but the color of my eyebrows is not well chosen, which seems a bit unnatural.

Through eyebrow tattooing, the overall eyebrow shape can be completely changed, and it also reduces the time for many girls with thin and thin eyebrows to draw eyebrows.

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