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The way of bad eyebrow tattoo laser eyebrow washing

by:Qinmei     2022-05-11

Laser eyebrow cleaning can be used to remove unsatisfactory eyebrow tattoo marks such as eyebrow tattooing. The use of the high energy instantaneously emitted by the laser is the main principle of the laser eyebrow washing machine to remove pigment, so that the pigment particles absorb energy and expand under the irradiation, causing them to burst. Human macrophages are engulfed and excreted through the lymphatic system, so as to achieve the purpose of laser eyebrow washing. The treatment parameters of laser eyebrow washing: the energy is not more than 200mj, the spot is 2-5mm, the frequency is 1-5Hz, and then the treatment parts are irradiated one by one. During the laser eyebrow washing treatment, the laser is first near and then far away. In principle, it is required to hit white or light penetration. Blood is enough, and the spot should be uniform. If there is any omission, go back and make up after all the shots are finished, but it should not be repeated too much, generally no more than three times. The price of the eyebrow wash is related to the number of times the eyebrow is washed. For those who have tattooed eyebrows with less pigment, 1-2 times of laser eyebrow washing can achieve satisfactory results, but with a large amount of pigment, it often takes 3-6 times of laser eyebrow washing treatment to wash off, and the interval between each time is 45-60 days. The cost of eyebrow washing has a certain relationship with the postoperative effect: laser eyebrow washing is a super-pulse time of milliseconds and microseconds. The laser can penetrate the epidermis of the skin and reach the deep layer of the skin instantly, and the pigment particles inside the skin are instantly smashed. Then it is transported away by the phagocytosis of human cells to achieve the effect of washing eyebrows. Laser eyebrow washing is the same as eyebrow tattooing. There is often pain during the operation. The darker the color of the eyebrow tattoo, the more painful it is. 2 to 3 days after washing the eyebrows, if there is local swelling, it is advisable to keep it dry and clean. Generally, no special treatment is required. Can the failed eyebrow tattoo be completely washed off? Tattooed eyebrows tend to turn blue, which affects the appearance. If you want to re-do other eyebrow tattoos, it is best to wash your eyebrows first. Can the eyebrows be cleaned? First of all, it depends on what kind of eyebrow washing method you choose. At present, the traditional methods of eyebrow washing include chemical peeling and electrosurgery. The chemical peeling method uses corrosive drugs to apply corrosive drugs to the tattooed eyebrows, causing a local chemical burn reaction, causing coagulation and necrosis of local tissues, and eventually scabs fall off, and part of the tattooed pigment is removed; electrosurgery When washing eyebrows, high-frequency electro-acupuncture is used to burn the tattooed eyebrows, so that the local tissue becomes dry and necrotic, and the pigmented tissue is partially removed. However, the results of eyebrow washing often fail to completely remove the tattooed eyebrows, and may leave unsightly scars. Can laser eyebrow cleaning be cleaned? After a lot of research and clinical practice by plastic and cosmetic experts, it has been proved that laser eyebrow washing has its remarkable effect and unique effect in removing unsatisfactory eyebrow tattoos. As a kind of light, laser has been widely used in various fields of medicine due to its special properties. As we all know, eyebrow tattoos are artificially made by various methods to deposit pigment particles of dyes on the surface of the skin to achieve cosmetic effects. These pigment particles will absorb laser light of a specific wavelength due to their special color. Under the powerful energy of laser eyebrow washing, the pigment particles will disintegrate and be destroyed in a very short time, and then be eliminated by the skin's own metabolic system. . The duration of laser eyebrow washing is very short, so it will not cause damage to the surrounding normal skin tissue. ARTISTRY’s Korean semi-permanent tattoo expert reminds: You must be careful when choosing eyebrow washing units and eyebrow washing methods. The laser eyebrow washing is very scientific, and it is not enough to cause any damage to the skin. Generally speaking, laser eyebrow washing is difficult to clean once, and it takes multiple eyebrow washings.

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