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There are several types and characteristics of semi-permanent line eyebrows

by:Qinmei     2022-12-03

Semi-permanent makeup line eyebrows are roughly divided into root eyebrows, artificial eyebrows, silk mist eyebrows, feather eyebrows and so on.

Line eyebrows, also known as artificial eyebrows, are popular because they can create clear and beautiful eyebrows. Most beauty lovers will choose to have line eyebrows. Follow the hair growth trend one by one to make hair feel! It is more natural, simulated, three-dimensional and full of agility!

For novice tattoo artists, counting eyebrows is relatively difficult. The requirements are very high, not only the design of the eyebrow shape, the arrangement and combination of the lines, but also the length and thickness of the lines and the color retention method of the operation lines.

There are many ways to operate the eyebrow line. Generally, experienced tattoo artists like to operate the lines with one stroke. This method of operation requires the tattoo artist to have a steady hand and be able to independently control the trajectory of the tattoo pen and needle.

However, for novices. This method has flaws, because it is not familiar enough and the hand is steady, it often leads to some uneven coloring, the lines are distorted like an electrocardiogram, and even the lines are distorted outside the designed eyebrow frame.

Line eyebrows are divided into two types according to the operating tools: manual line eyebrows

machine line eyebrow

Now I would like to share with you two commonly used acupuncture methods:

Needlework is the soul of the line. The charm of the line is reflected through different needles and different needlework interpretations. Commonly used needlework includes full guide needle and smooth stitch.

1. Full Guide Pin

Swing, push, lift, bounce, restore, retreat. All the needles are pushed to the skin with an even force, and the end of the pen is pressed backwards. It is used to embroider eyebrow frames, lower lip lines, eyeliners and other lines with a raised feeling. According to the size of the strength, it can be divided into severe full guide pin and mild full guide pin.

2. Smooth needle

It is often used for floating eyebrows, swing-back-stroke-throw, use the 7 needles in the front to gently swing down the skin, and then pull it backwards to cut and do one-line strokes, and it will be smooth with just one stroke The delicate arc-shaped line, also called one-stroke tracing method, has slender lines and small wounds, and can be used on the entire eyebrow.

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