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There are so many needles for tattoo, how to choose and how to use?

by:Qinmei     2022-07-23

There are so many needles for tattoo, how to choose and how to use?

Many beginners of tattoo embroidery are very entangled in the choice of tattoo tools, especially the various needle pieces. 'How do you use this needle?'

'What needle are these eyebrows made of?' Beginners of tattoo embroidery always have the above questions. Below we have sorted out some of the more commonly used needles.

Give you a simple introduction to the application

single needle

Picasso double power single needle

For beginners to do line eyebrows, it is recommended to use a single needle operation of the machine. The skin lesions of a single needle are small, no matter whether it is a straight line or an arc, there is no problem with the single needle, and the coloring of the single needle is very solid, and there is basically no need to supplement the color in the later stage. However, it should be noted that when adding fluff, short and thin lines, and interspersed whitening, it is recommended to use a manual pen to operate. If you use a machine to perform the above operations, it will be relatively more difficult.

three needles

It is suitable for ordinary fog eyebrows, gradient fog eyebrows, and fog eyebrows with base color. For the operation technique of double power and three needles, it is recommended that novices use the technique of 'circling clockwise'. For beginners to operate and practice fogging, it is also recommended to use dual-power three-needle first.

When operating eyeliner, it is relatively better for novices to use a single needle. The skin lesions of a single needle are small, and it will not be easy to control due to the large number of needles. But after getting used to it, it will be easier to operate, faster, and color faster by using the dual-power three-needle.

seven needles

Compared with a single needle, the control of the needle row is much more difficult. The row is not easy to operate for novices, because the needle is in a row, and it is prone to disconnection and potholes when turning the arc.

Double power seven needles are suitable for brushed mist eyebrows, lip balm, tattoos, etc. Embroiderers with good skills will use dual-power seven-needle to operate the fog eyebrows, and the method of sweeping back and forth can complete the operation of the fog eyebrows in a short time.

Oblique 18 needles

For beginners, to make line eyebrows, main lines, or lines without any radian, you can use the oblique 18 stitches to operate.

Beginners of tattoo embroidery should pay attention to the technique when operating the beauty contact line and lips. When operating the beauty contact line, use the technique of pushing and piercing the color;

It is recommended that novices use the machine to operate the lips, because the manual operation is too slow~

One-piece needle

Suitable for lips, the skin of the lips is very soft, the finer and sharper needles are better for lips

The coffee-colored sharp needle for machine line eyebrows has better friction and takes into account the sharpness. Make the coloring more solid and reduce the difficulty of operation. Suitable for manipulating eyebrows and eyes.

Blunt needle (grey)

Suitable for operating machine fog eyebrows, brushed fog eyebrows. , suitable for operating tattoo fogging, drawing and pricking. Universal operation for eyebrow/eye/lip/tattoo.

It is suitable for operating tattoo fogging and line drawing.

Universal operation for eyebrow/eye/lip/tattoo. When the tattoo artist chooses the needle

Sharpness is a consideration

The second is the elasticity, softness and hardness of the needle piece.

The skin can be opened with a single knife, the skin lesions are small and the scab is thin

Made of elastic medical steel

After high temperature treatment, more assured!

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