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Two methods of operation of girly Hong Kong style wild eyebrows

by:Qinmei     2022-12-16

Since retro Hong Kong-style makeup came back to everyone's attention, more and more ladies have become obsessed with Hong Kong-style eyebrows. BUT Hong Kong style eyebrows = thick black??

This is really a misunderstanding of Hong Kong style makeup and eyebrow shape.

In fact, Hong Kong-style eyebrows are not uniformly thick and black. They pay more attention to the exquisite outline of facial features and eyebrows, which is more heroic and generous.

Next, I will teach you how to design a Hong Kong-style retro eyebrow shape, and let us go back to the era of all kinds of customs.

Eyebrow shape: natural wild eyebrows

The eyebrow shape of Hong Kong retro makeup is generally wild eyebrow. It will not be very carefully trimmed, the outline does not need to be very clear, and the eyebrow color will be darker.

The eyebrows exceed the eyes

There are clear hair flow on the brow

The end of the eyebrows obviously exceeds the end of the eyes

The upper edge of the eyebrow rises slowly as a whole, the line is straight and hard, without arc, and the length reaches the end of the eye

The lower edge of the eyebrows rises more steeply as a whole, making the eyebrows at the lower edge slightly pickier and slightly longer than the upper edge

This eyebrow shape is very versatile and suitable for a variety of face shapes, just need to properly consider the length and thickness.

Such a heroic and delicate girlish Hong Kong-style eyebrow has been created successfully!

Eyebrow shape: slender and small raised eyebrows

It's between tall eyebrows and willow-leaf eyebrows, neither exaggerated nor weak

The peak of the eyebrow is slightly higher than the brow, so don't draw it into a character-shapes eyebrow

The overall state is rising

Visually elongate the face and reduce roundness.

The ends of the eyebrows are curved, which is more natural than straight lines.

The above are the very girly Hong Kong style retro eyebrows that have been summed up recently. Have you got it?

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